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Default v3.x License Upgrade for v4.0

FlashFXP v4.0 requires a new license key, We've tried to make the update process as simple as possible.

Install FlashFXP v4.0 and then start FlashFXP.

On the Evaluation dialog click the Enter code button, Enter your v3.x license key and click the Ok button. FlashFXP will restart and on startup it will display a New license key is required dialog.

Click the Get Key button to connect to our website and retrieve your new license key.

Typically everything should go fine and your copy of FlashFXP should now be registered, however if you require a proxy to access websites you will need to set your proxy settings in FlashFXP. In which case click the Cancel button.

You'll now see the Evaluation dialog again, click the I Accept button.

Now on the main window click Options > Preferences

Click the on Live Update section.

Change the Connection Type to "Use the following web proxy settings"

Enter the Address, Port (as well as User and Password if required) of the web proxy.

Click the Ok button

Now restart FlashFXP and the New license key is required dialog will appear.

Click the Get Key button and FlashFXP should now be licensed.

If you have any difficulty upgrading your v3.x license key, please contact us.
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