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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
So you want to delete all of the files, you just don't want to delete the actual folder?

Would it be possible to define a specific mask for the files you want to delete.

If you had for example folder: /Logs

File list

Enqueued the /Logs folder for delete

set a file mask to *.gz

FlashFXP wouldn't be able to delete the /Logs folder because it still contains "dummy.file"

The alternative would be to have an additional option that only deletes the content of the folder and not the actual folder.

Granted the ideal solution for this situation would probably be to eliminate the separate delete command and have an option to delete the file after transfer, although since you're queuing the folder, it would delete it as well.


What if you had 3 queue commands
1. download the files
2. delete the folder
3. enqueue a raw command to re-create the folder? "MKD /

Or what if the file permissions were set on the server to prevent deleting the
DWExport folder.

I'll have to think about this a bit more.
In my case, deleting the folder is a security problem. I can delete files, but not the folder. The Log folder example is exactly what I had in mind. The flexibility to delete a named file or use a 'wildcard' in the way you've shown here, would be very helpful.
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