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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Currently no, but this feature can probably be added to apply a pattern match on the filename.

The way I see this working is as an advanced feature of the queue item editor.

You enqueue a folder and then edit it via the item editor and it gives you a field to enter a file mask, if the mask is blank all files are deleted, if the mask contains say *.txt only files with a .txt extension such as flashfxp-todo-list.txt would be deleted.

Multiple masks could then be separated by using a semi-colon ; such as *.txt;*.log;access_*

What do you think?
Some additional ability to control file deletion in a custom way like this would be helpful. My problem is that I can't delete the remote directory, all of the files in the directory have a different name (because of a date string in the file name), and I don't know when the remote directory will be purged. I can set up a check to skip files if the time and date are the same between local and remote files, but then I have to leave the local files where they are. The ability to custom delete remotely would also save me the time and effort developing logic in my application to determine which files from the collection have to be processed, and the order they should be processed in.
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