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Default Download Speeds really bad!

Ive come here to see if any kind person can help me towards getting my download speed on the ftp sorted as i dont seem to be getting anywhere.

Firstly before i had any issues i was averaging around 590kbps download speed, now when i get up in a morning at around 7am the speeds start at 590 ish then slowly drop every 15 minutes or so until i get to a pathetic 15kbps within a couple of hour.

Ive been in touch with my isp and had a bt engineer check my line and all is super duper, i can even download from a torrent site with full speeds constantly. My isp say they have done different checks and nothing is wrong there end, theres no congestion, no line issues but i still get this problem.

Ive uninstalled my flash and reinstalled with the latest upgrade, my pc is pretty new which had no issues.

Can my isp filter FTP's and slow it down and if so why dont the tech help tell me this?

thanks john
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