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For over 36 hours now I've had the following 3 programs running and being used (working perfectly).

ZoneAlarm Pro
FTP Serv-U

I manually configured FTP Serv-U to use certain ports. I then configured ZoneAlarm to block any communication with FTP ServU other than on these specific ports and with required protocols. The result now is that it is working perfect, and has been for over 36 hours

I guess FTP Serv-U was stealing packets or something before they got to FlashFXP. It is not doing this now as it can only access packets intended for it's ports. This is also more secure than the general method people would set up FTP Serv-U with ZA by allowing it access to all ports & protocols.

P.S. I do not have a virus, always virus scan everything, scan the system 3 times a week with latest DATs and run torjan scanning program too.

After 36 hours of perfect use I think that this is definitiely the issue and there is nothing random about it at all, other than downloads probably working when my server has no users active.
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