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I use Serv-u for all of my inhouse FTP testing. I transfer on avg several gb a day testing different aspects of FlashFXP. If there was a conflict between Serv-u & FlashFXP would have noticed it.

I suspect perhaps when FlashFXP, Serv-u, & ZonAlarm come into play there might be some problems. Since Without ZoneAlarm there are no problems.

Out of curiousity if you transfer files from FlashFXP to Serv-u with Zone Alarm running are the files corrupted?

With my setup I have Serv-u installed on two computers, my main machine and a networked computer. So I can test with Serv-u locally or remotely. In each instance no corruption occures. Serv-u is behind a firewall and cannot be accessed via the Internet.

However I have not tested this configuration with ZoneAlarm. After conducting my tests with ZoneAlarm the other day I uninstalled it from my system.
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