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I realised something earlier, and I think I've cracked it. The good news is there is no problem with FlashFXP OR ZoneAlarm.

Every time I was turning off ZoneAlarm (as I thought this was the problem) I also turned off the FTP server I run.

Whenever I had ZoneAlarm on I ran the FTP server (it's very popular so I try to leave on all the time, but didn't want the risk of running it with no firewall).

Now I'm not sure how it happens but it appears the FTP Server is stealing some packets intended for FlashFXP. There is clearly a clash between both sets of software.

I've just had ZoneAlarm on and the FTP server off and downloads are fine. When I turn the FTP server on and I start to get users the downloads become corrupt again.

I am going to manually configure the port settings on my FTP Server and the ZoneAlarm settings for my FTP server to block all other traffic getting to the FTP server. Hopefully this should clear things up. If not then I'll probably try BulletProof or something.

P.S. The FTP server software I have running is FTP-ServU.

Anyone else experience a clash between FlashFXP/FTPServU ?
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