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Very weird... If it's repeatable and transferable across machines then something is clearly wrong, but in that case lots of people should be having the issue.

Your older setup works fine, but a copy of his new setup to your machine fails. Perhaps you could try grabbing a NEW copy of the server and ninja and create a new version on your machine. If that fails as well then something is really odd and we need to start looking into other installed software on the machine that might be causing issues because clearly that should work. Because it failed on 2 different machines we only have to find the stuff in common between them and that isn't stock windows stuff.

You can use the 'site crashnow' command to force the server to generate debug files (and exit). You can examine the CrashLog.txt file to see what files were loaded into the server and figure out which ones aren't MS .dll's to see if something stands out. I've had problems with many injected dlls in the past but these have usually caused crashes or network issues and not something as subtle as what you are seeing.

As a last step you can package up the crash info and zip up the config and send it to me just to see if it works for me or if I can spot something. I'll PM you the debug FTP to upload it to.
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