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Default Strange Integer error

Hi ...

I'm running a very good working ioftpd v7.0.3 system on my own PC, but wanted to help a good friend setting up a fresh system with latest ioftpd etc. on a WinXP-system.

So I've downloaded ioftpd v7.5.9 and installed latest ioninja and nxtools too. Everything is working well so far. Except uploading dirs with more then ~260mb. Till < 260mb dirs, all is fine. After uploading the next file which hits the ~260mb mark i get this strange error in the systemerror.log:

01-19-2011 20:03:16 "..\scripts\ioNiNJA\ioNiNJA.itcl" terminated abnormally
--- ErrorInfo ---
integer value too large to represent
    while executing
"lsort -decreasing -integer -index 2 "$total_racers""
    (procedure "outstats" line 68)
    invoked from within
"outstats 0 0 0 1"
    (procedure "::ioNiNJA::ZipScript::postdel" line 50)
    invoked from within
"::ioNiNJA::ZipScript::postdel "
    ("DELE" arm line 1)
    invoked from within
"switch -- [lindex $args 0] {
			set temp [userfile open
I have put a
iputs $total_racers
one line before
lsort -decreasing -integer -index 2 "$total_racers"
in the ioninja.itcl to see $total_racers in ftp output which showed me:

[2] 226-{mescal1n 4085577465 27237051271 363160679741 2421071198273}

Can someone imagine what could be wrong? I mean where from come these large numbers? Wat could that be?

Thanks for your help.
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