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Default FlashFXP v4.x Language Translation Guide

1. Download FlashFXP and then install it, if you haven't already.

2. Start FlashFXP, from the main menu Options > Languages > Translate

3. From the Translation Editor dialog, select Language > New

4. Enter the name of the language. i.e. Chinese Simplified

5. Select the character set needed to display the language, for Chinese Simplified the default character set isn't sufficient and it needs to be changed to GB2312. If you're unsure which character set is needed you can always come back and change it after the translation has been started in Language > Properties.

6. Enter your nick name or real name, this will be displayed in the credits tab of the about box dialog. You are welcome to include a link to a website as well, provided the website does not contain any content that may be considered offense, obscene, or illegal. i.e.
Charles DeWeese -
7. Enter your personal ID number. This number is provided when you sign up to our website, and is displayed after you login. Your personal ID number allows use to authentic you as the translator of the language. Please do not share or give out this number.

8. Click the OK button.

Now you can start translating the text from the English to the new language you created.

When you save the language, your changes will also be submitted to our server.

We will be notified when the translation is 100% completed or you can contact us to let us know. Once we have reviewed your submission we will approve it.

Once your translation is approved everyone will be able to download it via FlashFXP, from the main menu, Options > Languages > Download / Update Languages

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