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Originally posted by Grey

The options seem a little backward to me. If somebody really wants the security for a multi-user environment, they can set the Master Password which fully protects outside access to the Site Manager. However, this configuration allows passwords to be unmasked.

But anyone who doesn't want the security is not able to view their passwords. What's the point? Anybody who wanted to know my passwords could come along, set a Master Password, see my Site Manager passwords, then delete the Master Password. Since this configuration isn't secure to begin with, why mask them in the Site Mangager at all?

If you displayed Site Manger passwords for users who don't have a master password, wouldn't that make everybody happy?
I wouldn't think I would need to explain it as it appears obvious... however ill attempt.

If you are concerned about security or people seeing your password you would just set the password when you install it. This is no concreate way to make everyone happy...

So the option was added that you set a password and change your short cut/command line to "Flashfxp.exe -pass=secretpass" that way you win both ways you can see the password in the site manager and dont have to enter a password..

You would have seen this if you searched the message board.

Anyway we are way off track from your inital questions and suggestions.. your ideas have been considered and no need for further posts, thread closed.
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