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Default Re: Some suggestions...

1) This is already possible... I cannot remember which build this has been availble since, but its been a little while now. However to enable this feature you must set a password for FlashFXP site manager.

This can be done by going to the following menu's. Sites -> Security -> Set Password...

Once a password is set you can change the options so that you are able to see your site's password.

2) This option has also been requested, I think it has already been fixed or is on the to-do list. I can't remember off the top of my head which.

In anycase, I suggest you upgrade to the latest build and test these out..

Originally posted by fantasymick
1- Why hide passwords from yourself? I couldn't get back the passwords stored in my favorites in FlashFXP of private FTP sites. Luckily there is a utility that can "decode" the passwords. If this is a security feature, why not have a master password defined by the user that would reveal all passwords in "Site Manager" when needed?

2 - You log into sites in your site manager and you download your files, now if you change the "Site Name" field of the site currently logged in, all your downloads/queues would fail. Same if you queued files with a ftp with a "site name", and then change the site name of the same ftp, and start the queues, they would fail.
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