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Default REQ: Relative paths


FlashFXP is nice piece of software. So nice that I even tranaslated it . But I have little request. Currently seems that FlashFXP doesn't use relative paths for download folders, log folders, etc. So if using FlashFXP Portable in USB drive (with other portable apps and important files) then swithicng between desktop PC and Laptop USB drive gets different drive letters and therefor it's little bit annoying to keep it always mind and changing everytime. Using formulas like "..\..\Downloads" which starts from FlashFXP own folder elliminates this double work every time. So it would for example download always new files two folders higher from FlashFXP folder and keeping these there in Downloads folder. Same with log files. Now it uses absolute paths for these settings. Or at least I couldn't make these work as relative paths. Otherwise this program seems to be perfect. : )
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