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Default File Transfer Scheduling

Setting up a scheduled file transfer is a two part process.

The first step is to create a queue that contains the files and/or folders that you want to transfer. The queue can contain file transfers from multiple sites, uploads, downloads, etc.

Create a transfer queue

In this example we want to upload all of the content and sub-folders within the folder "c:\ftp\\" to a server and in the path "/www/backup/"

1. Start FlashFXP.
2. Connect to the server, We then change the server path to /www/backup/
3. In the local browser we then change the path to c:\ftp\
4. Select the folder and drag it into the queue window.
5. Right click on the queue window and select "Save As.." and save the queue to a file i.e. demo.fqf

This queue file will create a folder named within /www/backup/ and copy all of the content within c:\ftp\\

Setting up the schedule and transfer rules.

In this example we're assuming that the server supports preserving the file date/time on upload, If the server doesn't support this then we're limited to
comparison only by size.

In addition in this example we're only performing an upload, if you're doing a download, or site to site transfer make sure you update the transfer rule below accordingly.

We'll be performing this schedule daily, but you can use any desired schedule.

1. Start FlashFXP.
2. Tools > Schedule 3. Click the New Task button
4. Name the task and then select the queue file (demo.fqf) that was saved in the previous part.
5. Change the file transfer rules to "use custom rules" and then click the custom rules button.
6. Delete any existing file transfer rules because we want to use a custom rule set.
7. Click the Add button on the File Transfer Rules dialog.
8. Size = "equal" Date = "equal" Transfer = "Upload" then set Action = "Skip", now click the OK button, and then the OK button again.

(Now you should be back at the New Task dialog.)

9. Click the Schedule tab.
10. Set the Schedule task to "Daily" and to recur every "1" days.
10. Click the "Save" button.

Your new automated task is now setup and ready to go.

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