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Default File Not Transferred After Schedule Runs

I'm using FlashFXP version 4.0.0. I have attempted to schedule the delivery of a simple text file from the computer on which Flash FXP (SourceComputer) is installed to another compter that is running SFTP (DestinationComputer).

I have a saved Queue file on the source computer. When I right click and select 'Transfer' on this Queue file from the Flash FXP Queue, the connection occurs, and the file is delivered without a problem.

I have my schedule pointed at the same queue file. 'On Transfer Complete' is set to 'Quit FlashFXP'. On the 'Windows' tab, I've tried to run the schedule with 'Run task only when user is logged in' checked and unchecked. On the 'Logging' tab, I have all but 'Site to Site' logging selected. On the 'E-Mail' tab, I have email configured, and clicking 'test' results in success.

When I let the schedule run once per the scheduled time, the file is not delivered. There is nothing in the logs. From the 'Task List', if I right click and 'Run Now', the 'Last Run' time changes, but the 'Status' indicates 'Running'. Since I started testing three hours ago, it always indicates 'Running'.

I'm at a loss. I have no logs, no errors, nothing. What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for your help.

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