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Default wine Debian Squeeze for amd64


I give a feedback on the use of flashfxp on Linux Debian.

Default version of Wine is 1.0.1 and there are lot of bugs.
Remote panel doesn't display remote directory contents and after the flashfxp window is frozen. No way to exit until I "kill -9".

Version of FlashFXP tested : 3.6, 4.0r1, 4.0r2, 4.0r3 (Correct me if I am wrong with this)

The easier way I've found is explained on Wine official web site.
This will remove the wine default version for Debian and install version 1.1.42.
Then, FlashFXP 3.6 works well.
But not 4.0, remote panel is always frozen and kill is required to exit window.

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