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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
See if you run it manually via "site newdate" if it works fine...

Scheduler functions don't run under a user account and thus all the normal ioFTPD provided TCL variables aren't defined. nxTools solves this by activating a user account and loading a vfs file to resolve paths via the variables:
set misc(MountUser)     "sitebot"
set misc(MountFile)     "../etc/admin.vfs"
Change those to a valid user in nxTools.cfg and the problem should go away...
it works fine, sometimes it announces the newdate 2 times, creating the current and the new day.

irc announce
[12:00 am] <*********> NEWDATE created for /O-DAY/1212
[12:00 am] <*********> NEWDATE created for /O-DAY/1213
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