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Default Visual Bug: Progress Bar after restoring main window from tray

How to Reproduce:

1. FlashFXP is being maximized
2. A transfer is running (upload or download)
3. FlashFXP is minimized to system tray by hotkey (F9)
4. FlashFXP is then restored by doubleclicking the tray icon, it goes back to maximized
5. The transfer progressbar is now in the bottom left corner of FlashFXP, instead of the right half of the window.
6. Resize the FlashFXP window to make the progress bar snap back into it's correct place

It appears that the progress bar goes to the place where it is supposed to be when the window is not maximized. Changing the non-maximized size of the main FlashFXP window, then maximizing -> tray -> double click tray to restore to maximized -> the progress bar will "jump" based on the relative size of the main window instead of maximized (I hope that makes sense).

Screen resolution: 1680x1050
OS: Win7 x64
FlashFXP: 4.0.0 1510
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