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Default Bug DL'ing files.

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for *****.r41 (15000000 bytes).
226- [Ul: ***] [Dl: ***] [Speed: 268.19K/s] [Free: ***MB]
226 [Section: DEFAULT] [Credits: ***MB] [Ratio: 1:3]
Transferred: *****.r41 14_994_160 bytes in 54,85 (266,97 KBps)

This happens regulary for me when I DL files to my own computer. As you can see FXP doesn't transfer the whole file, 14 994 160 instead of 15 000 000. To complete the DL I have to resume the file. 10 % of the queue is affected. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but I'm using ZoneAlarm 3 and I just have a suspicion that ZA is to blame here. It has not happend when I FXP site-to-site just when I do site-to-MyComputer.
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