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Default 4.0.1504 Task E-Mail Customization Requests

In setting up scheduled tasks to automate downloads of data files for our end user data analysts, I've come up with a couple of requests:

1] I'd like the ability to change the Subject of the notification E-Mails.

For example:
[FlashFXP] Task completed: Data File Daily Download - FTPS

My users don't know or care what [FlashFXP] is. It would be more meaningful if I could change that to something else like the server name FlashFXP is running on.

[Datacomm] Task completed: Data File Daily Download - FTPS

2] I'd also like things like the skip log in the E-Mail to have more clear verbiage.

[2010-11-30 10:41:42 am] [Download] [Daily Download] [rule:1 equal] "C:\temp\" "/"
[2010-11-30 10:41:43 am] [Download] [Daily Download] [rule:1 equal] "C:\temp\" "/"

I know what that means because I created the rule. It would be more obvious to the end user if it said something like:

The following files were skipped due to the source and destination files having the same date/time stamp:
[2010-11-30 10:41:42 am] [Download] [Task: Daily Download] [rule:1 equal] "C:\temp\" "/"
[2010-11-30 10:41:43 am] [Download] [Task: Daily Download] [rule:1 equal] "C:\temp\" "/"

Thanks for your consideration.
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