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Hey, that new wiki page showing the different terminals/shells idea of the colors is really very useful! Unfortunately the total lack of conformity is annoying. I sort of thought it was standardized as well, based on the old page.

I'll be honest, when you added the high intensity set I simply cloned my ANSI color themes, and changed everything to the high intensity colors and it looked roughly the same as before. I don't use anything from the normal in my newer themes, though I kept the older themes so v3.6 Flash users can use them.

In my personal opinion the PuTTY colors suck. They are ALL muted. The high intensity set should really be something like what the charts shows for Windows XP bright. The normal colors for XP or xterms are probably my choices for normals. I'm not sure if I don't like the slightly punchier normal xterm over normal XP but they don't offer as much of a difference over bright, though it's possible they work really well against white backgrounds or something. There's probably a really good argument that just copying the Windows XP command prompt colors for a windows app isn't a bad thing, and they look pretty good already.

After v4 comes out I'll probably go and update the ioFTPD color themes to utilize background colors, italics, and underline. The server supports all that now, but none of the themes make use of it because back when I did it very few people had the betas.
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