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Default One-Click Shortcuts

This is a nice feature effective 4.0/3 - necessary steps are:

1. Create your site account information in FlashFXP v4.0/3, set user/pw, origin and destination folders, etc. Note the sitename you assigned it (i.e., for Microsoft Developers' Network, you might call it MSDN). I will use that name as the example here.

2. Close FlashFXP and create your shortcut in this fashion:

A. Right-click desktop (or whichever folder you want the shortcut), select new/shortcut.

B. When the path request shows up, enter info as follows:

For 64Bit users:

"%programfiles(x86)%\flashfxp 4\flashfxp.exe" MSDN

For 32Bit users:

"%programfiles%\flashfxp 4\flashfxp.exe" MSDN

C. Click Next and Assign the shortcut a name. It will automatically use the icon from
FlashFXP's program.

3. To use it, simply click the shortcut and it will connect you to that particular FTP Site.

NOTE: The only limitation/fault that I've discovered with this method is that it does NOT automatically dislay the existing queue.
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