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Default Continuous synchronized browsing problems

Good morning,

Firstly, thanks for working on FlashFXP, version four is great so far. Next to the synchronized browsing issues I'll describe below, the only problem I can find is that the width of the the server-side navigation tree doesn't get stored between restarts, but that's minor.

I have created a topic about my synchronized browsing issues before, but even in the latest build (1500) there still are problems present. I'll help to triage them as accurately as possible.

The synchronization problems usually start after a couple of minutes of inactivity on the server-side. When FlashFXP has just launched or when the connection intensively continues to be used, the problems do not occur.

After a couple of minutes, usually about ten to fifteen, the first few error-dialogs start popping up. To illustrate with a screenshot (showing the server-side tree and the dialog itself):

Since the faulty path gets cut off, I click on the "Create folder" to reveal the erroring path, which gives these messages in the status pane:

[R] CWD /domains/
[R] 550 /domains/ No such file or directory
[R] MKD /domains/
[R] 550 /domains/ File exists

There doesn't seem to be any real pattern in these errors occurring. Both the local as the remote file-browser point to the right directory, the right files are visible, but the error message shows up saying that the folder doesn't eixst. Sometimes the error dialog agrees and wants to create the current directory (resulting in a 550).

After reconnecting to the server, the synchronization root seems to have moved one level deeper / downwards. Suppose "/public_html/" would have been the root, after the reconnection clicking on "public_html" gives an error saying "You are about to navigate outside of the synchronized root folder.".

If I find out anything else I'll add it to this thread, but since I'd like to use synchronized browsing pretty much all the time it's rather annoying. If you've got questions or want me to try things, I'll be checking this thread frequently (although I'm available via e-mail as well).
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