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I've written up maybe 50 commands so far under RC3 for ioFTPD commands, and it's working well. I've exported subsections, and then imported them to make copies of the stuff elsewhere and it's all working fine. Only trivial (not worth fixing) issue is the bounding box for newly entered groups is too small. Probably calculated off the non-bold text or something, but it's fine after clicking anywhere else and going back.

If you wanted a wishlist (and this would only affect like 5-10 people I bet) it would be the ability to highlight multiple items and move them as a group instead of having to do it one by one if you decide to re-categorize things later. Or delete multiple items at a time...

A useful feature would also include importing into the current location as well. I got confused when exporting/importing the first time because it got added to the top and I had so many entries I couldn't tell where it got loaded so I thought it didn't... No big thing, but it would be useful to not have to move the items after importing them.

Oh, and this IS important. I've found myself using 01. xxx to like 15. yyy or something just to keep certain things in order because it makes sense to think of them that way. Is it necessary to have it alphabetical or could you just have it in the order entered and allow adjustments? Could maybe have the popup have a "sort" option so you could do it manually if needed... If you think about it, it's likely that you do want certain things on top when using commands from a highlighted file/dir and not alphabetical all the time.
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