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Default Another ident problem

Okay, here's the problem:

I cannot connect to a site which uses ident check. I get this:
I'm using FlashFXP RC2 build 865

WinSock 2.0
Connecting to *server*
Connected to *server* Port ****
220 Access Denied
USER *******
331 Password required for *******.
PASS (hidden)
530 "*@<myip>" is not valid for the account specified.
Connection failed

First, i have read few threads from this issue. They didn't help me.
I've tried with older versions of FlashFXP too.

I'm not behind any firewalls, proxies or NAT and i'm not in any network.
I can check my open ports and there's my ident at port 113.
I have an IRC client running but it's not using ident server. Also tried connecting without IRC client with no luck.
I have tried connecting with "windows ident server" on.

What else could cause this?
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