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Originally Posted by MxxCon View Post
that's how YOU use it.
That's also the default install setting... as well as the setting used by ALL the people I develop with... and every google-image result for FlashFXP.
However, I suppose you're right in pointing out my generalization and lack of consideration for those who change transfer windows from the default.

Originally Posted by MxxCon View Post
for me "my computer" is on the right and remote side is on the left. so now what? i'm can't view site i'm connected to?
why don't you make your taskbar buttons longer?
You customized your settings. You should customize your taskbar to accommodate your custom settings.

Look, I'm not trying to butt heads with you, and I'm sorry if I struck a chord. I'm just stating that I don't like this change and the reasoning for it.

I suppose BigStar could just put another setting in preferences if it's not a PITA.
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