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Exclamation [!] Counterfeit versions of FlashFXP

Hello Everyone,

I have received reports from customers to inform me that counterfeit copies of FlashFXP v4.0 RC1 have started to show up on dozens of different websites.

These counterfeit copies of FlashFXP are extremely unstable and 99% of the crash reports for FlashFXP v4.0 build 1470 are coming from these counterfeit copies.

A counterfeit copy of FlashFXP can cause a valid license key to become invalid and non-functional. I have been dealing with a lot of support cases where this has occurred.

I urge license owners to only download FlashFXP directly from our website.

In the past we have seen counterfeit copies of FlashFXP containing malware that is most often not detected by anti-virus software.

When you download FlashFXP; the setup and all program files within the installer are digitally signed.

Digital Signature Verification Using Windows Explorer
Windows Explorer can check any file for a valid digital signature.
  • Open Windows Explorer.
  • Browse to the filename, right click, and select "Properties" from the pop-up menu.
  • Explorer will display the properties dialog of the file.
  • If the file is digitally signed, the properties dialog will include a new tab "Digital Signatures".
  • The complete details of the digital signature are displayed on this tab.
  • Make sure that the digital signature is OK.

In addition; For everyone who wants the latest and newest builds of FlashFXP and wonder why the latest 4.0 RC1 on the website is build 1467 and not build 1470.

A brief explanation. In between public RC releases we release test builds to registered users (these builds can be downloaded via the customer portal). 1470 was one of these builds. It did not meet our expectations and contained some bugs, some of the bug fixes didn't fix the problem, etc.

Best Regards,
Charles DeWeese
OpenSight Software, LLC
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