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Default Raw Commands

I am unable to reproduce this with any exact consistancy but it does happen several times throughout the day.

At various times either before or after FXP'ing, the Raw Commands do not work. It seems as though they never make it to the server. I enter in the raw command and get no error, and no response from the server daemon. This is tried from using cntrl-r or the raw command line input. This has only been attempted on Linux OS's w/Glftpd ftp daemon, but none the less about 3 different servers.

It does not appear to be an issue when only logged into one server and using FTP.

Actually it did generate one error, "Unable to copy from clipboard", when I attempted to paste a site command into the raw line bar. Unfortunatly I did not copy the errorlog.txt. I can probably post that tomorrow if it's necessary.

version 2.0 869
Win NT4.0 and WinXP Pro

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