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Default Directories shouldn't desynchronise if server drops silently

DreamHost's FTP server silently disconnects on idle; that is, you don't realise you're disconnected until you try to issue a command and, presumably, receive a RST. If the next command you issue is a directory change, you get an error and FlashFXP shows the connection as disconnected:

[18:23:02] CWD /foo/bar/baz
[18:23:02] Connection lost: Foo

Now, the local and remote directories are different -- local has changed as you instructed, remote won't change because CWD got reset. Since I'm using synchronised browsing, I've gone out of sync.

Either it should show the cached remote directory, reconnect, or not switch directory. However, it just gives up and leaves the local and remote directories out of sync.

(TRWTF is how badly FTP handles idle disconnect. Either I get this, or I get the transfer error alert sound because something in XP turns it into an error.)
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