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I've taken a look at this:

I am totally confused on how the .fqf file is supposed to be set up. I have an SFTP site, and I want to set up a schedule to transfer files to a folder on that site.

The type would be a file (0)
The transfer direction would be to the SFTP server (0)
The Source Host is my local C drive.
The Target Host (in Site Manager) is named LocalSFTP
The source filename is C:\SFTP_FileUploadTest\TestFile.txt
The target filename is Test/TestFile.txt

I'm not sure about what the file size would be at the time of upload. Is this basically how the contents of the file should look?

<Type>[0]<Direction>[0]<Source Host>[C:\SFTP_FileUpload\]<Target Host>[LocalSFTP]<SourceFileName>[C:\SFTP_FileUploadTest\TestFile.txt]<Target Filename>[TestFile.txt]<File Size>[?????]

I take it that I need to create these in a text editor and save them as .fqf files? I didn't see a utility in the application for this.

Thank you for your help.


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