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Default Cross Continent File System Mirroring

I am a registered user and use FlashFXP at home. My company uses CuteFTP.

We need to set up daily replications of file system resources from one server in the US to another in Europe over FTP.

Currently we are using a scheduled FTP transfer from one server to another with CuteFTP. This causes a couple issues:
1. If a file is deleted on the source server it remains on the destination server.
2. If a file is re-named on the source server it is duplicated with the old and new named files on the destination server.
3. If a folder is... well, you get the picture.
4. We are pushing everything with no compare, so even if only one little file changes, we push all xMB - terribly inefficient.
5. CuteFTP gags on this scheduled transfer often, and doesn't produce error reports
6. Cute FTP appears to have the ability to compare files before a transfer, but this has never worked correctly.

We want a tool that we can specify a source server and destination server, and identify a starting directory on the servers and have the following happen:
1. Files in the starting directory (both servers) and it's subdirectories are recursed and compared.
2. New and changed files and directories on the source server are copied to the destination server.
3. Files and directories on the destination server that do not exist on the source server are deleted (or alternatively archived).
4. Statistics and error logs for the process are generated.

We could script this thing to run from a browser front end with a command line interface (or some other tool) in the background with enough time and energy, but we would prefer not to (lazy I guess).

We don't want to use CuteFTP any more because it is too darn much trouble (unstable and unpredictable).

What features of FlashFXP can we use to get us started down this road?

Alternatively, you want to co-develop a browser based front end to do this with FlashFXP as the engine?
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