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I have the same problem (again Linksys router). I've tried using all versions including RC3 to try and see if I can resolve the issue it just doesn't like fxping for me.

File transfers, as stated before, with smaller files but with larger ones that take 20mins+, it cuts out when the file is done. And when relogging onto the server (flashfxp doesn't do this auto) it then gives me the transfer complete message for the file that I fxped.

The send NO-OP doesn't seem to work for me.

But here is an interesting quirk - of all of the transfers I have tried, I CAN fxp without a problem to one ftp which has just blown all my theories out of the water.

I'd really like to use flashfxp but I can't justify paying for a full registration until I know it can work for me.

Is there anyone out there that can help me solve this issue?


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