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Default Missing 226 for ul/dl/fxp behind router

Using 2.0 b865 RC2
with winXP

I've seen this problem posted here before a few times, but never a solution.

When downloading/uploading/fxping a file, it seems if the transfer takes longer than ~30 minutes no '226 Transfer Complete' (or any other) message is returned. So then the client gets timed out, reconnects, sees the file is there and executes the 'when file exists' settings.

This all started happening when I had to set up behind a linksys router. Using latest firmware and can't find any mention of the problem on the linksys site.

It happens with every site I use, so I doubt it's a server side matter.

Small files, or files that take less than 20 - 25 minutes seem to work just fine, always receiving the 226 Transfer Complete.

Using passive mode, external IP is set just in case.
Tried every combination of settings I could think of, but the problem persists.

I hope someone can solve this, but my hopes aren't high.
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