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You know, I must have missed the addition of the "request file size/date prior to transfer" option but, being picky, I might suggest making that 2 options since testing the size is pretty important. The date less so...

I can totally believe the issues with hiding the SIZE command (trust me, at times I want to see the details), but perhaps as a compromise you could offer an option to collapse the request(s), response(s), and matching rule into 1 summary line? Or just the FTP part and keep the rule on it's own line. Could look like "FTP QUERY: SIZE=xxxx, MDTM=yyyyyyy". That might convey the same info and let people see what is happening without taking up as much space in the status window since that would otherwise be at least 4 lines... You could even adjust the output to indicate where you got the output from since "FTP QUERY:" is pretty clear, and something like "DIR LISTING:" if you disable the query option... Just some ideas...
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