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Default Confirmation of a fixed bug and a bookmark-related bug

Good day,

Firstly, thank you for fixing the issue which caused the desktop to be unusable for file storage, as it would cause frequent crashes. I can perfectly drag and drop files from and to my desktop with the latest build (1470). The file browser also doesn't crash. Great!

I would like to report a -hopefully minor- new bug.

Steps to reproduce:
- Create a new bookmark with both the local as the remote path set.
- Enable synchronized browsing.

When you click on the bookmark after traversing through some random other directories on the FTP server, it will start off with browsing to the bookmark's location, after which synchronized browsing tries to do the same. In theory this should work ok, but it doesn't. This results in these steps after I click on the bookmark bar:

- Browse to the chosen directory with the local file browser.
- Bookmark system browsers to the right directory on the server-side (/public_html/Visual/Templates/).
- Synchronized browsing tries to do the same, but errors (/public_html/Visual/Visual/Templates/).
- A dialog asking whether I want to create the directory, go back to the previous level or disable synchronized browsing.

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