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OK, glad it wasn't a figment of my rabid imagination or encroaching senility.

Thanks bigstar.

A couple of other quick off-topic remarks -- I notice a new beta is out but you don't list what's changed in it [edit]when you look at the notes in Help > Check For New Version[/edit]. It's a bit unkind to mention FileZilla in this context, but if I check for a new version in the same way, it lists all changes between the version I have now, and the latest stable/beta release, so that I quickly review whether any bugs I've had my eyes on have been fixed, and what else has changed.

Also, the new icon is soft focused and relatively unsaturated in colour, so in my (16×16) Quick Launch toolbar it's (almost) the odd one out compared to the usual sharp, contrasting, clear icons. (The MS Paint icon though is pretty much unrecognisable at 16×16 which is unusual for Microsoft who have some very talented graphic designers who have a very keen eye for clarity at small sizes.) (OK, I cheat, as 1/3 of the icons in my Quick Launch are ones I drew ;-)

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