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Cool Not allowed to have no transfer rules/rules reversed

Just installed 4. Had to manually back up the settings from 3 and import into 4 as the auto-import seems to ignore my settings (in particular, it loses my custom theme choice and doesn't bring in anything from Site Manager).

I opened a site that I've had in Site Manager for some time, edited a local file, then pressed ^T to upload it. Got an overwrite prompt! That's not supposed to happen ...

I find that if you delete EVERY rule from a file transfer ruleset, then a default set of rules is recreated. It doesn't mind if you have only one rule left, but as soon as you delete that last one, a replacement set is recreated from scratch when you commit the change (either then, or when you open the File Transfer Rules window again).

Also, I find it a little sad that the rules listbox doesn't support multiple selections, right-click (see Fitt's law), ctrl-C (copy to clipboard for diagnostic purposes, faster than screenshot) -- not that I'd expect this to be implemented specifically here so much as that surely custom listbox libraries would give you all this by now? I was hoping I could wipe the rule list with multiple select then Delete. Saves messing around with a tedious rule edit UI when I just want to reset everything to overwrite, which is given to me at the bottom as "If no rules match then".

I can't select several at once and change them, and there's no inline adjustment -- I have to go through a dialog box to change each rule. As a rule (!) I don't like any rules being there that I didn't explicitly create and I just wipe everything that doesn't match my intended behaviour and put back what I need later. That way, there's less to trudge through adjusting, and less to be concerned about. All transfers take the if-no-rule-matches option and that's all I need to be concerned with.

However, as I said, if I try that, I'm given a fresh set of rules again :-)

Also, in 3, my rules are:

Downloading (size <, >, ==): Ask
Uploading (size <, >, ==): Auto Overwrite
FXP (Site to Site) (size <, >, ==): Ask

These work out in 4 as these 9 rules:

IF Size {3} AND Transfer IS Upload THEN Ask
IF Size {3} AND Transfer IS Download THEN Overwrite
IF Size {3} AND Transfer IS Site to Site THEN Ask

Note that upload and download are reversed.

Global is all Ask. However, site manager sites where Global is unchecked, go for the above with the upload and download rules reversed. If I delete every rule to clear out the mess, I still get the above -- regardless of what the rules were before I deleted them, and regardless of it not matching the Global settings.

It could at least clone the rules from 3 and then I wouldn't have noticed, but even backup and restore fails to set the correct rules in place. It sets whether global is used or not, but non-global rules are given these magic default settings.

Sorry, long ramble .... :P

[Edit Sheez .. might help to know, ->, Win XP SP3 32-bit. I need more sleep.]

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