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o_dog: I think 95% of the scripts were free/public domain with ioB 2.x being the big exception. Can always check the LICENSE file if there is one.

BoNeZz: I think the problem you are having is the script, by default, runs with the current working directory set to the directory containing ioFTPD.exe. If you check out the doc/Cookies.txt file you'll find a list of all the available cookies, where they are valid, etc. In the etc/ioftpd.env file you'll find the environmental variables set up for EXEC scripts using those cookies. You can make use of those environmental variables in your .bat file which should solve your problem of determining the current real directory. This should handle any simple site commands you want to use with a .bat file like your makelrs, but probably isn't a good idea for OnEvent style stuff (see below).

Events are tricky because it's possible to do things like STOR /xvid/rel/file.r00 from a directory somewhere other than /xvid/rel. For this reason you may prefer to use a small TCL script where you can use the iTCL resolving functions to figure out the real path to the file and then have TCL call the external application...
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