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Default FXP closes, looses settings, etc.

Lately my FlashXP 3.6 seems to have gone bonkers. The following strange behavior now occurs.

1) when I open FlashXP, the layout is no longer Local in left pane, Remote in right. The left pane is the Remote and the right is blank. To me, this is counter-intuitive since I live in a world that reads from right to left.

I can reset it in View but it reverts to that backwards configuration on relaunch.

2) FXP closes when I change to another window. This is not the close at the end of a upload or dld. I do not have an active transfer but I am off looking at something in the browser and while I am ready to flip back to FXP, it's gone. I have relaunch and start a new session.

2) The Site Manager settings are no longer saved. I moved a site to another server and gave it a new user/pw. If I close FXP and come back for a new session, the old settings are there, not the new ones. Yes, I click Apply.

None of this happened when I began using FXP about two years ago.
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