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Yes. The glFTPD server is using Explicit SSL.

To be quiet honest I'm just throwing out possibilities. I am completely blind on this since I cant replicate your exact setup or reproduce the problem.

I do agree with you that its most likely a compatibility problem in v4, there were many many changes and it makes sense that something broke.

The question is what broke? The possibilities are endless, there's so many changes that I don't have a starting point for adding debug events to try and pin point it. It could be the new winsock 2.2 interface, the socket library, openssl, and so on.

If I cant even come close to reproducing the problem we may never know.

Using Wireshark if you do a follow TCP stream on the proxy connection the first 300 bytes or less in hex mode, it should show the SOCKS handshake and if all goes well the server welcome message as well.

You can send me the info privately via a private message.

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