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I just examined the source code and the line that reads "[R] Error: Connected to x.x.x.x:xxxx" is incorrect it should display "[R] SOCKS: Connected to x.x.x.x:xxxx"

What version of OpenSSL is FlashFXP v3 and v4 using? If you backup the OpenSSL dlls in v4 and replace them with the ones from v3 does it work?

OpenSSL v1.0 added some new security measures that can cause problems connecting to some sites, this is what caused SOCKS to break in v4.0 but I tweaked the OpenSSL options enough to get it working again, perhaps the changes I made weren't enough to get it working with all servers/proxies.

If the OpenSSL dlls from v3 work then the internal OpenSSL options will need to be tweaked, however without having every socks and ftp server software available for testing its very difficult to test every combination, I am only able to test what I have.

These settings cant be tweaked by the end user.
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