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Question How Can you have Broken Downloads automatically start?

If I launch FLashFXP after a broken Dowload I get a Window that has saved the Que for me to chooce what I want to do.

Now, How can I have that broken Que automatically load and start without prompting me to do anything?

If you cannot do this this feature shoudl be added to FlashFXP.

Example Windows crashed then reboots and you are nto near the PC.

If you put FlashFXP into the startup menu in Windows XP it will start flashFXP and the Broken Que will prompt you.

Wouldn't be better to have an option for that broken Que to laod automatically? Because you may not be near the PC for hours or days and that Broken Que window just ****s there waiting for you to make a choice.

Anyhow I am hoping that there is a way to automatically load the broken que?

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