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Originally Posted by peep View Post
oh my god, ioBanana! it's been loooong since I've read/heard that one Brings back memories. Wonder what harm and Mouton are up to these days.. (totally off topic)
ehehhe yes very long time but iobanana is the best script for ioftpd, it's a pity that not works in win7 with a new ioftpd 7.5.7r, but also with 5.8.5r not works in win7

infact i looking for a function that is not implemented in ioninja and nxtools ( and there isn't any script at the moment in win7 with ioftpd 7.5.7r ) that moverls between device.

Originally Posted by Flow View Post
Try this

* install info/instructions in the .htm file included. Tip: just use the sfv creation function!
thanks a lot it works. finally!

now the last step for my ioftpd is moverls function (like iobanana), that at the moment i haven't any solution
and i can't see any solution about other ways to moverls from C:\MYSTUFF\Picture to D:\FILES\PictureARCHIVE ( is an example =) )

anyway thanks a lot for the support, but i stay here until I'll be able 'to fix the problem
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