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Btw, I forgot to mention this in my original post but I think the io I'm running is 7.03.
Dynamic_DNS_Lookup was already set to ALWAYS.

I had a pre event on pass:
pass = TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxClose.tcl LOGIN
But unmarking it didn't change the behavior, sorry about the error message I gave below btw, it was taken from the eggdrop, this is how it looks in io:
[L] USER testuser
[L] 331 Password required for testuser.
[L] PASS (hidden)
[L] 530 Login failed: Your IP/hostname is not authorized.
[L] Connection failed
And checking the added IP for the user gives this info:
[R] 200-| IP1: | |
I also tried changing it to * but the same error still happens.

Hmm, I wonder what else I could try to get it to work, it still doesn't seem like io is trying to do a lookup on the IP because the error message when trying to login comes with lightning speed.

One thing that does work is adding testident@* for example, the problem then of course is that I can't be sure that it is indeed the correct computer logging in so anyone that gets the ident can login from any bredbandsbolaget connected computer which is less than ideal.
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