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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
Oops... I just realized you meant ioA and not ioZS... I know the v2 release of ioA/B should still work the same under v7+ ioFTPD releases. I don't know about the free 1.x ioA/B releases but even the v2 stuff needs a number of fixes for it to work reliably so I'd probably use nxTools as the sitescript instead...
thanks for the reply, but i have some problems with this new ioftpd.

first problem: ssl. i try to startup ioftpd, but when i launch in raw command, site makecert , i have this message ( 500 makecert: The object or property already exists (#2148081669). )
anyway ioftpd create a files .key .pdb and .pem

and when i try to up any files with ioftpd user, the transfert not work, ( up in local and ftp in local, win7 32bit, without antivirus, without firewall, all open, also router with traffic in blocked, i must try to dmz i think. tell me if im wrong )

at the moment i have these problems, if i overcome these problems, i try to install some script to pre, make sfv, make complete, etc, like iobanana but i think that not work, because is too old, so i hope to find in this forum other script that do same things.
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