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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
A zipscript (like ioNinja) from me isn't likely. They do a number of useful things, but from my point of view it's a relatively straightforward use of ioFTPD and o_dog is working on an updated version anyway. I have long desired to replace the sitescript nxTools with something requiring far less user configuration. In particular history has shown (at least to me) that whenever I update the .vfs file I forget to update nxTools, etc. I even re-wrote half of the functionality of nxTools in something I called ioYil before realizing that a lot of the effort I put into doing that was badly thought out. The code was fine, did was it was supposed to, but WHY did I need to re-create all the ioFTPD internal logic to create accurate directory listings (especially in tough cases) when ioFTPD itself new how to do that and was far better/faster? That's when I stopped work on the script and started adding new TCL features, and somehow I just kept working on the server itself...

I do have a desire to go back and finish ioYil and bundle it with a new bot that has very little to configure as well. I.e. you'll have to assign sections to channels, etc, but you won't have to ever know what drive has what, etc.

ioYil won't happen before v8.1 though. I need to get the disk caching speed up first.
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