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hahah...thx for the post anyways I would of never thought a disconnected map drive would cause such a strange issue...i would of expect a blank home folder or something not "your password is incorrect". Either way took a few days and i figured it out ... and no worries you being a way...its good for ya to get away for a bit!

looks like it was in the error log..
02-11-2011 18:53:44 User 'chico' does not have access to root directory.
02-11-2011 18:54:47 VFS WARNING: file '..\etc\default.vfs', line #84 has a real path that is invalid (error = No such file or directory): "Z:\" /

I'm running 7.5.10 on Win2k3 w/ 2 x dual core Xeon 3GHz

this is what i have for my threads

Process_Priority = NORMAL
Io_Threads = 4 # Number of io threads (2)
Worker_Threads = 5 # Number of worker threads. (5)
Encryption_Threads = 4 # Number of encryption threads (1)
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