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Pjevser: Let's try a few things. Set 'Scheduler_Update_Speed = DISABLED' which should turn off bandwidth limiting entirely. This will also disable per-user up/down limiting as well, but let's just see if that makes a difference.

If that doesn't do it then I think it's time to take a look at some network issues then I guess...

Grab an FTP client and see what kind of speeds it gets from/to the source. Try adjusting the data channel TCP buffer sizes in the client to like 4k, 16k, to 64k and see what speed differences you get. Larger should be faster provided you don't have network packets being dropped... You can find that out using a tool like "netstat -s" from a command prompt. If you get better speeds from a smaller buffer size then turn down the TCP send/recv buffer size in the .ini config file and see if that makes a difference.

Double check that you have proved you can get faster speeds from the same source to your machine but the speed varies only depending upon the FTP server on the same machine. At just 1.3mb/sec and without SSL there really shouldn't be a CPU, disk, etc issue and thus the most likely issue is the network and the only really obvious difference I can think of is the TCP buffer size. Unless your ISP is playing games with you and it's port based or something.
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