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Originally Posted by Yil View Post
BoNeZz: From the .ini file:
# Suggested value for I/O threads, is 2x number of logical cpus.
# Suggested value for worker threads on site that runs lots of scripts,
# is ~half of max users online.
# Suggested value for encryption threads, is number of logical cpus.
Starting with v7.4 and the change to OpenSSL there are no more encryption specific threads so that setting should be removed from the .ini file. Worker threads don't impact transfer speeds so that just leaves I/O threads. You could try using 3 instead of 2 (since you have a single core) I/O threads and see if that makes a difference which it may if you have multiple transfers, but I don't think should impact just a single transfer.

You could also try excluding the 256 bit ciphers which may take more CPU so you could have a more even comparison between v7.5 and the older MS 128 bit encryption in v7.3 and earlier. I think this .ini setting should work:


There's a link to a webpage that describes how you can tweak this setting in the .ini file. You can probably force just one cipher to make it the same as whatever was being chosen by v7.3 if needed.
i tried with OpenSSL_Ciphers = DEFAULT:!:HIGH:!LOW:!EXPORT
but same speed

i tried also OpenSSL_Ciphers = NULL
but same speed
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