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Too much time...
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Thinks sure have been quiet around these parts lately Hopefully that's a good thing!

I've been taking a bit of a break finishing up the changes to the next release since I really need to spend several straight days on it and haven't had the time and/or the inclination. I do keep adding things to the TODO list, so that's a good sign though! I've noticed a few odd things helping people setup their servers or answering questions and I just want to make it clear, if you see something that looks odd please report it here! I saw an account used to test the BNC have -168 logins. MINUS 168? That's gotta be a problem of some kind! So please let me know if you see crazy stuff like that since it's usually a trivial fix once I know about it...

I can say for sure that the next release will be a v7 point release with some new features and rewritten async event notifications. After that change there's a handful of simpler changes I can make in later releases to finally try and solve the lockup issue if that does do it. Luckily it isn't a big deal anymore since downtime is trivial now since it can detect it and suicide, but until it's really stable I'm going to keep on trying to fix it as a high priority item...
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